its my life you'll have to accept m3 4 who i am
adri/16/2-9-96/ Rusher/ swiftie/ TWfanmily/ AAR/ MCR/ evanescence/ writing/ singing/ dancing/ tv shows addicted/ Gleek/ designing (on polyvore)/ ghostgirl/ reading books/ gir (invader zim) / playing guitar/ rock/ punk/ bit of pop
a bit emo, a bit scene 100% weird
my two fav words to use-> rawr n girrr
follow me and ill follow back
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So as i was watching modern family and it finished with a coincidence of my own real life. Manny got a bad grade when he made a great essays. the teacher who gave him that note had a similar name to my teacher (it starts with a R and also her last name sounded similar). I would also get bad grades with her she hated me. Now we have a good relationship, now that she has left the school xD we are better, though. i never hated her just to make that clear

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